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Have you been arrested in Tempe or Scottsdale, Arizona? Has a loved one been charged with a criminal offense? No matter what your case involves, or whether this is your first charge, do not think that you have to work through your case on your own. Without the guidance of an experienced and qualified legal professional, you could be jeopardizing your rights, freedoms, record, and best interests.

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Your criminal defense attorney should possess the skills and knowledge needed to successfully champion your side of the story. Our firm is led by Attorney Vyvian Reque, who has more than a decade of former law enforcement experience. Her experience includes years of experience as a detective in the Professional Standards Bureau-Internal Affairs (which reviews, inspects and investigates police conduct to include any formal complaints regarding police corruption or unlawful police behaviors, procedures, policies, or practices).

Though police officers do their job of enforcing the law and protecting the public, sometimes mistakes can be made. Our criminal defense attorney will look closely at every allegation being made against you to determine whether there are procedural and substantive defects in your case. We can help determine if misinformation was conveyed or submitted to prosecutors, including documentation errors, investigative errors, or other procedural mistakes. Our goal is to dismiss your case, protect your record and/or greatly reduce your exposure to liability.

Contact Reque Law Firm, PLLC today at (602) 334-4939 or (602) 559-4383​. Located in Scottsdale and Tempe, we offer free consultations and Saturday appointments by request.

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Facing Criminal Charges in Arizona? 5 Things to Expect After an Arrest

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